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Making the complex understandable

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Once a plan of action has been drawn up for your family, we can take care of the often time-consuming tasks involved with the management of substantial assets, investments and complex financial affairs. We provide you with a single point of contact to reduce the amount of time spent in dealing with multiple advisers across your family.

Family meetings

We usually suggest at least one family meeting each year. Here we discuss your family’s situation and wealth management strategy, explain more complex financial issues and act as a neutral third party. We can also meet with individual family members to update them on their own financial affairs.

Working with your other advisers

Many families have long-standing relationships with other trusted advisers. We understand the importance of these relationships and of working collaboratively with your family’s lawyers, trustees and other advisers. This allows you to select and choose the services you need to create a successful family office.

Communication and reporting

Regular and effective communication is the key to a successful family office service. We carefully monitor the performance of family assets and liabilities on an ongoing basis to make sure they are on track to achieve the desired objectives.

We provide personalised financial asset summary reports and valuations on a regular basis to keep you up to date with changes in your financial circumstances.

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